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Mon bras pressait ta taille frêle (My arm pressed gently thy form)

33 cm x 43 cm frame
1 handwritten page - French
Limited edition

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My arm pressed gently thy form:
Victor Hugo's Contemplations

When Les Contemplations the anthology from which this manuscript page is the reproduction – was published in 1856, Victor Hugo was already a very well established French author.

Hugo wrote Notre-Dame de Paris in the time of only a few months (1831 – Editions des Saints Pères published the manuscript in 2016,) and when he was still in his twenties; he caused a scandal with Hernani in 1830, and was voted into l’Académie française in 1841.

My arm pressed gently thy form manuscript recto

Les Contemplations was a long term project. Its poems were most likely written over a period of twenty five years even though they were published while the author was in exile in Guernesey. Dedicated to his daughter Léopoldine – Hugo learned of her tragic death through the press while traveling with his mistress Juliette Drouet – the work is centered around ideas of  memory and love.  

My arm pressed gently thy form manuscript verso

Victor Hugo had always been a passionate man, driven by love. He married his childhood friend Adèle Foucher in 1822, then turned his attention to the young actress Juliette Drouet a decade later (Adèle herself engaged in an extramarital relationship with Sainte-Beuve, a family friend.) An author full of life and desire, a veritable ogre, and a literary and political genius whose humanist ideas have cemented his works into the canon of French literature, Victor Hugo left behind a rich collection of novels, plays, correspondance, and poetry.

frame My arm pressed gently thy form Victor hugo


Mon bras pressait ta taille frêle

Et souple comme le roseau ;

Ton sein palpitait comme l’aile

D’un jeune oiseau.

Longtemps muets, nous contemplâmes

Le ciel où s’éteignait le jour.

Que se passait-il dans nos âmes ?

Amour ! Amour !

Comme un ange qui se dévoile,

Tu me regardais dans ma nuit,

Avec ton beau regard d’étoile,

Qui m’éblouit. 

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Handmade in France

The frame is handmade from high quality wood.
Our frames are made in France.
Every order is handcrafted by our team in our Normandy office.


Yvan A

C'est un émerveillement à chaque fois que de recevoir ces fragments d'histoire. Concernant l'éditeur, rien à dire: une qualité à tout épreuve, un emballage on ne peut plus sérieux et une réactivité appréciable.